Voter Registration & Elections

The Town Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining voting and election information for the Town of East Greenwich.

You must be a registered voter 30 days prior to an election in order to participate. For more information please see the following information or call 401-886-8603.

Presidential Preference Primary April 2, 2024

All mail ballots must be received by the State Board of Elections at 2000 Plainfield Pike in Cranston by 8:00pm on the night of the election. If you cannot mail the ballot back in time, utilize a Drop Box at the East Greenwich Police Station located at 176 First Avenue or the State Board of Elections located at 2000 Plainfield Pike in Cranston. Drop Boxes are open 24/7 but will close on election day at 8:00pm. There will also be a receptacle at Swift Community Center located at 121 Peirce Street on Election Day between 7am and 8pm which is the only polling location open on election day.