Scheduling & Programming

Welcome Back Orientation Program (August)

This welcome back orientation is offered in August for incoming ninth graders and new students to the district and their families. Students and parents are oriented to the school program and given an opportunity to meet administration and some faculty members. During this evening, students are oriented to clubs and activities, given a tour of the building and given an opportunity to follow their schedules and see where their classrooms and lockers are located.

Orientation Meetings (September)

Orientation to the rules and social expectations as members of the East Greenwich High School community are presented by the administration to all grade levels at the start of the school year.

Individual Appointments as Requested (Throughout the Year)

All students are encouraged to make appointments with their guidance counselor as the need arises. This could be for a variety of reasons such as clarification on classes, dealing with friendship issues or coaching on how best to approach a teacher with a question or concern about a grade. If a student has an emergency an available counselor will see a student if the student's own counselor is unavailable.

Individual Freshman Appointment With Counselor (September- November)

The guidance department schedules all freshmen during the first several months of the school year for an individual appointment. Counselors all ask the same set of questions (To be included in the student's Individualized Learning Plan) hoping to get an early indication of each student's academic, career and personal goals along with a casual format of getting to know the student better.

Advisory Orientation (Fall)

Freshmen advisors are committed to helping with the transition from Middle School to High School. Along with giving specific information on how to navigate the high school advisors will take students on tours of the building providing yet another opportunity to visit the guidance area and familiarize them with the services available.

College & Career Center (Ongoing)

Our College and Career Center is now an integral part of the remodeled guidance suite making it more accessible to students for use on their own or with the assistance of a counselor. Available college search materials, career materials, SAT and ACT information and practice materials, military information, career and college related materials for students with disabilities and websites and computers to support all of the above. Our own college acceptance data is collected and is available for use as well as all college representative notes and past career speaker's information. Parents are invited to utilize this space as well. The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) has generously helped in supplying needed materials that are available in this area.

Check out the NHS college website.

Mid-Quarter & Quarter Grades (Mid-Quarter & Quarterly)

Aside from updating you with your child's academic performance through notification of when the mid-quarter report is available online and when the quarterly report cards will be sent home, if your student is performing below average in two or more subject areas or failing a major subject area, guidance makes every effort to contact the student to offer suggestions and seek solutions. If there are specific questions regarding a grade the first contact should be made to the student's teacher. If questions persist or other supports are needed please contact the guidance counselor.

Orientation to Career Centers (Fall)

Freshmen students are oriented to the variety of programs available through several nearby Career and Technical Centers. Students are issued a catalog of the available programs and given instructions as to how they can schedule an individual appointment to visit a center if interested. If admitted students become tuition students meaning that they will attend the career center for the full day for both academic and career programming.

College Representative Visits (Mostly First Semester)

Each fall a number of College Admissions Representatives come to EGHS and give a presentation to interested students. All visits are advertised on the parent list serve as well as posted in the guidance office. Any student can sign up in guidance and be issued a pass for these visits but attendance is sometimes dependent upon what is happening in the class that the student is missing at the time of the visit. Notes are taken on all visits and kept in a bin in the guidance office so students who were unable to attend can access the notes and/or materials disseminated at those visits.

Senior Post High School Planning Meeting (Early Fall of Senior Year)

Each fall the counselors meet with the senior class to bring attention to the college application process, timelines, deadlines, forms and encourage individual appointments with counselors as soon as possible to review college lists and/or alternate post high school plans.

Common Application Workshop (First Semester)

Each year the department offers both after school and Advisory time common application workshops for students. Students sign up ahead of time for these announced workshops. Often the most assistance needed is to simply help students get started in the process. A follow up survey suggests nearly all participating students "would highly recommend" this workshop to fellow students.

College Essay Writing Workshop (First Semester)

Given the success of the Common Application Workshops the guidance office offers Writing Workshops as well.

Course Selection Process Orientation (December to January)

All grade level classes are presented an overview of the course selection process and yearly reminders of credits and other requirements towards graduation. Students are encouraged to make appointments with individual counselors if there are follow up questions or concerns with regards to their own particular schedule or graduation credits.

College Planning Night (February)

Historically attracting mostly junior parents, all parents and students are invited and encouraged to attend the post high school planning night that focuses mostly on the college search and application process. A guest college admissions officer is usually the speaker for the evening with a question and answer period included.

Junior Post High School Planning Meeting (Starts Mid Year)

At the start of second semester all juniors attend a post high school planning meeting. Each counselor presents a portion of this meeting addressing transcript credit review, various post high school options, college search overview, NCAA contact information and SAT/ACT information among other things. Each student is also given what is referred to as the "Red Folder" that has a wealth of information on the above and samples of forms that are required during the college application process.

Junior Individual Post High School Planning Meeting With Parent (Second Semester)

In the second semester of the junior year every parent/guardian is invited to an individual appointment with the student and his/her guidance counselor. The appointment is a springboard for the college or post high school planning process that takes place from this point on until graduation.

Career Speakers (Second Semester)

Various speakers are invited to present the world of work and how it relates to the high school curriculum in a practical and applicable way. These take place in the guidance suite and the presenter fills out a form that is kept in a binder allowing for those that were unable to attend to read information about the presentation as well as possible contact with the presenter. We welcome any parent that has a career and career path he or she is willing to share with out students to contact guidance.

Individualized Learning Plan (Ongoing)

The guidance office along with other stakeholders in the school including advisors and teachers are collectively charged and in fact, mandated with helping all students monitor and accomplish components of an Individualized Learning Plan that is unique to each student. That should include any specific learning needs of the student, test scores, Literacy Plans and/or Personal Learning Plans for students who require them. That ILP should also include goal setting in the areas of Academics, Career and Social and the monitoring of the student towards meeting the graduation requirements. Some components of the ILP are housed currently in a student's folder in the guidance office that has a collection of individual and group activities including goal setting. Some documents are from individual meetings, some from group meetings and some from advisory classes. The ILP includes documents that were started in Middle School as well. New technology at the high school and the cooperation of all stakeholders working together hold the promise for a useful educational planning tool for each student.


The guidance office continuously seeks to keep you informed of all activities that are sponsored by or related to the guidance office including:
  • ACTs
  • Any articles that are noteworthy to the parents of high school students are posted on the list serve and hopefully soon on this website
  • Career Opportunities
  • Career Speakers
  • College Representative Visits
  • Open Houses on Campuses
  • SATs
  • Upcoming College Fairs
  • Upcoming State Assessments

In addition, should you contact your student's counselor every effort is made to return that call within 24 hours barring any extenuating circumstances beyond the counselor's control.