Post High School Planning / College

Timeline - 2012-13 School Year

Post High School Planning Timeline

Spring Junior Year
  • Attend the junior meeting with counselor, parent and student
  • Review transcript for credits and required courses
  • Review courses planned for the following year
  • Visit the Guidance Center for PHS research options:
    • 2 Year College
    • 4 Year College
    • Employment
    • GAP year
    • Military
    • Technical
    • Work
  • Career Books
  • College Books
  • College Statistics Book
  • Online Searches

4 Year College Bound Student Spring Checklist

Sign up for SAT or ACT classes if desired. (List of options available in guidance)
Sign up for SAT tests, SATIIs tests or ACT tests
Distribute Blue In House Forms to 3 teachers
Request 2 teachers to write long letter of recommendation

Fall Senior Year
  • All seniors are to meet with the counselor to finalize PHS options!
  • 4 year college bound students:
    • Continue with college search
    • Visit colleges
    • Attend college representative presentations in guidance
    • Fill out your applications
    • Work on your essay
    • Keep your grades strong
    • Request official scores from College Board or ACT be sent to colleges
    • See your counselor regularly
    • Attend the guidance Common Application and Writing Workshops
    • Follow up with teachers that you requested long letter or recommendation
      • Discuss with teacher how this will be handled
      • Write Thank You to these teachers for doing your letter
    • Retake tests (SAT or ACT) (optional)
  • Turn in to guidance once you have applied to schools:
    • Pink parent form to guidance (optional)
    • Yellow form to request transcript and school records sent
    • 8 and a half inch by 11 inch envelope for any schools that we cannot submit online information
    • Resume
    • Orange Brag Sheet with parent signature
  • Watch for the continuing scholarship information on the list serve and posted in guidance