Online Resources for College / Career

Resources & Helpful Center

Find a few online tools to help with some searching. You can also visit the College and Career Center in guidance as there are many hard copy books and computers are available to do any of the searches listed. Just ask for a pass.

Career Speakers

Don't forget to sign up for career speakers when they are advertised and for the college representatives when they visit.

Military Testing

Consider taking the ASVAB that is offered every year. It produces a lot of valuable information about your skills and aptitudes even if you are not interested in a military career.

Way to Go RI Extra Information

You can request your account information from your counselor or you can go to the site and do searches without logging on.

Check all of the careers by career cluster and sort by amount of schooling...then look at the job outlook for the career which is linked to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. This is very useful if you want to see whether there will be jobs in the future for a career you are considering.

College Board Extra Information

If you took the PSATs you have an access code at the bottom right of your score print out which allows you to explore colleges, majors and take a personality test. Otherwise, create an account and you can do inventory and college searches and save your info.