Plan & Prepare

The RI Emergency Management Agency recommends having a disaster-supply kit as part of being prepared for an unexpected disaster or emergency.  Follow these three steps to get started:  make a kit, make a plan, and stay informed.

Details are available for a disaster-supply kit.

Stay vigilant to quickly changing weather conditions during the year.

Severe storms and other weather events can develop rapidly and often without much warning.

Make a habit of regularly checking sources for weather alerts.


Emergency Contacts and Helpful Links

The Town of East Greenwich suggests that in the event of an emergency the best way to contact public safety services is by dialing 911.

Main Phone Numbers for specific departments:

Police Department (401) 884 - 2244

Fire Department (401) 884 - 4211

RI Emergency Management (401) 946 -9996

RI Department of Health (401) 272 - 5952

National Response Center (800) 424 - 8802

RI State Police (401) 444 - 1111

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