About East Greenwich

The Town of East Greenwich is located in the center of Rhode Island along the west shore of Narragansett Bay. Greenwich Cove is the home of many small marinas and waterfront dining establishments.

Main Street
Main Street, a typical small New England town street, provides for great shopping and dining opportunities. The walking tour of the Hill and Harbor district will allow you to travel back in time to the early days of the Revolution.

The crown jewel of the early architecture is the formidable building that serves as the Town Hall. The building has served as a prominent courthouse all through history and is recognized as one of the few surviving Federal-Georgian buildings of its size in Rhode Island. The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Census Data
The 2010 Census finds 13,146 residents in East Greenwich. Current data is available from the U.S. Census Bureau.


  • The town has a total area of 16.71 square miles of which, 16.58 square miles is land and 0.14 square miles is water.
  • Division Street roughly forms the border with the town of Warwick to the north, west until Route 2.
  • Greenwich Cove, an arm of the Greenwich Bay and mouth of the Maskerchugg River, is the easternmost part of the town.
  • Four hills roll progressively up to the border of West Greenwich, and Frenchtown Road is a rough reference to the boundary of North Kingstown.

Public Schools
The School Department of the Town includes 6 public schools:

East Greenwich High School (9th grade to 12th grade)

Archie R. Cole Middle School (6th grade to 8th grade)

James H. Eldredge School (3th grade to 5th grade)

George R. Hanaford School (3th grade to 5th grade)

Frenchtown Elementary (K-2th grade)

Meadowbrook Farms Elementary (Pre-K-2th grade)