Municipal Court

The East Greenwich Municipal Court has jurisdiction to hear and determine causes involving violations of any ordinance of the Town, minimum housing ordinances and traffic and motor vehicle laws set out in the General Laws of Rhode Island, § 8-18-4. With respect to violations of either municipal ordinances dealing with minimum housing or § 45-24.3-1 et seq. of the General Laws of Rhode Island dealing with housing maintenance and occupancy, the Town Council hereby confers upon the Municipal Court, in furtherance of the jurisdiction mentioned in Subsection A hereof, the power to proceed according to equity:

(1)    To restrain, prevent, enjoin, abate or correct a violation;

(2)    To order the repair, vacation or demolition of any dwelling existing in violation; or

(3)    To otherwise compel compliance with all provisions of such ordinances and statutes.


  • Proper attire is required
  • Food and beverage is prohibited
  • Cell phones must be silenced or turned off 
  • Late arrivals will be heard at the conclusion of the session


Court sessions are held at Town Hall, 125 Main Street, First Floor, Town Council Chambers and are typically held on the third Thursday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. but are subject to change.



  • Honorable David N. Bazar, Judge
  • Leigh A. Carney, MMC, Town Clerk
  • Sherri Dunwoody, Court Clerk

The Court and the Clerk's office DO NOT provide legal advice or legal counsel. 

For more information, call (401) 886-3212.



Town Code Chapter 72, Article II, Municipal Court

Town Code of Ordinances

Title 45, Chapter 24.3 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, entitled "The Rhode Island Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code." 

Traffic and motor vehicle laws set out in the General Laws of Rhode Island, § 8-18-4.

Rules of Procedure


Administrative payments are payments pursuant to summonses which are eligible to be made by mail, online or in-person with the defendant having to appear in court. Any fines which may be paid administratively pursuant to law shall be paid to the Municipal Court no later than seven (7) days before the court hearing date as set forth on the summons.  

Administrative payment of the summons shall be deemed an admission of guilt to the civil violation(s) charged in the summons.

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